Sell It Saturday with Teaching In A Nutshell

Hey, ya'll! My apologies for missing last week's edition! I was off to South Carolina with the Mr., enjoying the very short window of true summer break I get this summer! It's already flown by so fast. Next week, summer school begins and runs almost all the way up to the school year. Yikes! Because I've been gone, I haven't had much time to create, but I still want to throw this out there and participate!

So here's what I have:

First off, I made a little freebie.

It's super simple, but it works. I'm customizing it for my classroom to go with our reading series. Click here to download it for yourself.

Also - as I previewed in a previous blog post, I've been working on my own blog design. I've started a second blog that I'd love to get up and running so that I can sell my blog designs. It's funny that when you work on someone else's design, you can do it really fast, but when you're working on your own - it takes forever! As such, That Fancy Blog Boutique is still in progress.

Even though the blog isn't done, I'd still be happy to work something out with anyone who is interested. I know it will be important to build a portfolio, so I'm offering discounted pricing to the first group of blogs that I design.

Leave a comment below or email me if you are interested in having your blog designed! And as always, be sure to link up with what you're selling this week!


  1. HI!
    I am very interested in having my blog re-designed to look fabulous!
    What sort of offers/packages/pricing do you offer?
    My email is:
    My current (soon to be old because of hosting issues) blog is:
    Rainbow Lily Designs
    My soon to be new blog is: Rainbow Lily Designs-Blogger format

    Can't wait to hear from you!

  2. Hi!

    I'd be interesting in having my blog re-designed as well! If you can e-mail me at with price/packages, that'd be great!

    My blog now is The Purple Teacher