A Work In Progress

Today, I'm linking up with Kim from KinderGals for their Workin' On It Wednesday series. While I am nowhere near as organized as Kim is this summer, I really should be!

This week, I went into school for summer school training. I'm feeling the pressure to get things done even more this year because I will be teaching summer school in my own classroom beginning in July. There is so much to do and so little time since I will be off visiting Charleston for six of the eighteen days I have left. 

This summer, all the classrooms in our school are being installed with TeamBoards which is super exciting! Because the installers will need to do some work on our white boards and such, I needed to take everything off of my walls and I decided to hold off on switching the fabric on my side bulletin boards!

So, here is my to do for the picture above:
- Recreate reading focus wall on left
- Create goal setting board on the right
- Create math focus wall wherever there is leftover room after my TeamBoard is added
- Move classroom rules to under the white board

I think I saw class rules in the space under a white board in a blog or on Pinterest. I love the idea! When there aren't desks pushed to the middle of the room for summer cleaning, this are is our gathering spot. Under the board would be a perfect spot for quickly reviewing rules with friends.

Above and below are the two areas that need the most work, and I don't even know if I am at the point where I can make a to do list for them. The area above looks different during the school year. The students put their backpacks along this wall, and the shelves are rearranged in the right two cubbie areas to create our library. But I want to cut our library down a bit. I also want to make sure that all my buckets on the shelves match and get rid of the ribbon word wall. I just don't know where to move the word wall!

Below is where my small group table usually sits. This area needs some revamping as well. The two bulletin boards back here do not have any specific purposes. Part of me wants to make the word wall on this super tall board, but it's really not where most of my students can see. Dilemmas!

As of right now, my last project is my small group seating. I made super cute crates, but they are a few years old now and breaking. I can't decide if I want to make them again or come up with another option. I saw these at Target today and thought they'd be super cute too! Price wise, though, I can't decide.

Aside from normal summer school prep, that's what I'm working on!

I'm also working on my own link-up for the summer - Sell It Saturdays! We had our first one last weekend. Be sure to stop by this Saturday and link up with a product you are selling on TPT!


  1. Arranging a room is always a big job. We have a basic plan that works in Megan's room, but we are always changing and tweaking things. We want to move her word wall to more of an eye level so that kids will be interactive with it. Now just to find the space...Thanks for Linking UP!

    1. Kim and Megan, that's what I what I wish I could do with my word wall too. I just don't have any eye level space unfortunately. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Hi friend! I love the idea of using the lawn chairs in the classroom! They are super cute and would be something different for the kids. :) Great blog post!

    1. I'm just a bit on the fence because of the price. Plus, last year I bought a lawn chair and it broke within like 2 weeks. But then again, it was a free spot chair, so it wasn't quite as monitored as these ones will be seeing as they'll be used when kids are working with me. We shall see.