It's An All Black Kind of Day

Hey there! I'm linking up again with Gina from Teaching With A Touch of Pixie Dust to post my fitness progress. I know these posts aren't focused on teaching, but this blog is about me, and this is a part of me so bear with me each week as I use this link-up to keep me on track and motivated.


I've been doing Whole30, and I technically have a week left, but I couldn't resist weighing myself - which is a no no on the program. I've been craving certain foods that I'm not supposed to be eating for a few more days and I just needed confirmation that the benefits of the program extend to weight loss. I seriously started doing a happy dance and running around my bedroom when I realized that I had lost 11 pounds in these past three week! My dog was super confused. Next week I'll be back with the final weight loss results of the Whole30 program. I hope that I can lose a few more before the little experiment is over.


I did get my 2 workouts in this week including the Jazzercise class and a Pilates class. Even though I accomplished it, I'd kind of like to try for three. Last week was a tough week. I had to stay after school several days for meetings, so I ended up not being able to make certain classes that I will be attempting to go to some weeks.

Do Better/Goals

One thing I would like to do better with is my sleep schedule. My energy has been great since starting Whole30. I feel energized all throughout the day - until I get tired which is around 9:30 every night. But despite this, I ignore my body telling me it's time for bed and stay on the couch watching TV until I fall asleep anyway. Then I have to wake myself later to trudge upstairs. I need to start listening to my body because it is already telling me when to go to bed.

I also found the Fit Girl's Guide program at some point this past week. They have an eating program and an exercise program. I'm not really interesting in trying a new program because this one has worked so well. I'm going to try to stick to some of the principles even after it is done. But, what I did like is that Fit Girl's Guide has a workout plan that is all at home. There's a little bit of dancing your butt of to your favorite music and some circuit work. It's just a 30 minute 'program,' and if you finish your dancing and circuit work, you can either dance more or add in your own choice of cardio. I want to try to do this once or twice a week on days that I can't get to a gym or class.


This is seriously one of my favorite parts! I have the next four weeks of quotes planned out already! It was so hard to choose which one to go with this week. As my reward for losing 10 lbs, I said that I'd get a new workout outfit, though. So today I'm off to the store to find something cute - and perhaps in black to mourn celebrate the loss of my fat.

Good luck this week to everyone participating, and anyone else out there with fitness and eating goals!


  1. Great job on sticking with the Whole 30 program. I don't blame you for needing to step on the scale for confirmation....I have a hard time not stepping on the scale every morning. Finding some good at home workouts is key to success. I made a commitment to move everyday...this doesn't mean a crazy workout, but it has been great to sneak in a quick at home workout some mornings or after work. Good luck this week!

  2. Congrats on 11 pounds!! That is amazing! I have seen a lot of people doing this whole 30 but I am not sure I can do it. I have to be one of the pickiest eaters around. Your quote is amazing too! Have a great week!

  3. Congrats on 11 pounds that is fantastic! Way to go on meeting your goal of attending 2 classes this past week. I always wear black to the gym It makes you look skinnier right, haha! I will have to check out fit girl. I am happy with the diet program I am doing like you, but I would be interested in the home wokouts. Good luck this week! Keep up the great work!

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