And That's A Wrap!

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Progress and Updates

So - my Whole30 is officially over. During the program, I lost 12.5 lbs. I was a little disappointed that I didn't lose more this past week, but I shouldn't really be surprised. Regardless, I am super excited by the 12.5 lbs! It puts me at a number that I haven't seen for at least five years which is super fantastic. It has also helped motivate me to keep going.


As I said, my positive is that I finished! I'm going to be honest. In the last few days, I did have a few cheats, but even those I am grateful for. There are some foods that I just know I will be avoiding in the future based on how my body felt immediately after eating them. I know now. I understand. I've learned so much from the past month.


I'm still needing to drink more water. I think it was a busy week because I didn't even get to finish my school water bottle many days which is strange. My other goals are to get back to clean eating and workouts. As I said, we went off program this weekend due to family birthdays and Super Bowl celebrations, but even after eating the foods that we've avoided this past month, I still want to go back to the cleaner, more restrictive eating... just maybe not quite as strict. 

I also want to get back to working out. I hurt one of my toes earlier this week, so I kind of started walking differently to avoid the pain. Only, walking differently has caused pain in my leg and back. Everything is almost back to normal so hopefully I can get back to walking and dancing and such tomorrow. I will go to my Pilates class tonight either way. I have never been a fan of working out. I still wouldn't say that I am. But after going to a few classes, I don't dread it as much as I did before. Plus, seeing the weight loss from (for the most part) just dietary changes is so motivating and I know that the numbers I will see will be even more exciting if I add a few workouts as well.


I thought this quote was a great one to sum up the end of my Whole30 experience. I'm not done because I won't be done. It's not something that ends. It's a lifestyle change. I'm so happy that this lifestyle change is one that has been easy to transition to because I know that it will be easy to maintain because of that.


  1. Ok I have no idea what is happening but I commented on 3 blogs today and none of them are showing up, so I am trying again. If you get two comments from me, Sorry!! Anyways, my original comment was along the lines did amazing on whole 30!!! I have heard a lot about it but am afraid to try because I am SO PICKY. But I am thinking I should look into it to kick start my healthier eating. I need to drink more water too. I do great up through lunch, then after that I just stop. I get too busy I guess. Have a great week! Good luck!

  2. Great job on completing the Whole 30! 12.5 pounds is fantastic! You deserved a little I have learned that there are certain foods for me that I do better if I just avoid them completely as well. It sounds like it was very beneficial for you. I agree it is a lifestyle change and NOT a diet. Good luck with your water and exercise goals this week.

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