Slim Down Saturday - Part 3!

I'm back again for Slim Down Saturdays, although I am a little bit late. Check out Gina at Teaching With a Touch of Pixie Dust and link up! I swear I will start posting non-Slim Down stuff soon! My whole teaching life has been focused on getting my evidence binder completed and making it through a rough teaching week, so now that all of that is done, I should be set to go!

As always, my ultimate goal is 60 lbs. Some days I want to push that to 80 lbs. because that would be a healthier weight for me, but I think that if I can do the 60 lbs., I'll be happy with where I am.

Still going strong on Whole30, so I'm not sure how much I lost this week or how much I've lost since we've begun. I'm not allowed to weigh in until Feb. 1st. Maybe I'll post a day late that week so I can finally share my losses!

Last week, my goal was to actually go to an exercise class. That's why I am posting late. Saturday morning, I sat down to type this up, only to realize - Oh no! I didn't meet my goal. So, the next day I got my butt up off the couch and got myself to a Jazzercise class. I was so nervous going in, but luckily there were only five other people in the class and all of them were at least my mom's age, so it wasn't that bad. The instructor was super helpful and several of the ladies came up to me after to tell me that I did a great job for my first time.

My real positive is that I went to the movie theaters and didn't get any popcorn! It was super hard! I almost turned down going because I knew how difficult it would be to stop myself. There are certain foods people have emotional attachments to, and for me it's movie theater popcorn.

Next week, I need to get back on track with drinking enough water. I was doing well for a week, and then last week happened. This week, I'll keep it in the front of my mind again. I also want to go to two exercise classes this week. I signed up for a Pilates class, so that will be one, and I'll try to hit up Jazzercise again one day. I'm holding out on paying for a full membership until I see that I actually like the format enough.

Finally, with my puppy in my lap, I offer you my quote!

Good luck to everyone this week!


  1. Hahaha I LOVE that quote!!! Great job on resisting the popcorn and getting to the class! I haven't blogged about anything teaching either. I'm swamped! Have a great week! I can't wait to see your whole 30 results.

  2. That quote is so true! The worst part is that I see people doing that all the time with their kiddos. If your good you'll get a candy. It is just teaching bad habits from the start. I will admit I did that myself when my kids were little before I started reading and researching about health and the effects of food. Now I encourage people to come up with non food rewards. I am right there with you on the popcorn, movie popcorn is my fave. Good for you for sticking with the plan and kudos for making it to an exercise class. Those little victories will continue to get easier over time. I know you can do it! Good luck with your goals for this week.

    Luv My Kinders