Pairs of Pears

For my May Currently, I posted about the Pair of Pears homophone activity that we did in class. The students got so much out of it! I thought I'd share some pictures of one of the activities from the kit because they turned out super cute!

We just hung them on the wall in the hall, but it would have been super cute to have made it into a hallway pear tree!

The students got to choose their homophone pairs. The words are even provided in the kit, so it was super easy!

The students were SO excited to do this! There aren't many fun activities in our scripted reading program, so they loved the chance to go off routine for a day and make something creative.

I loved seeing how the students interpreted all these words into drawings!

Shh! Don't tell, but this one was my favorite! The student did not know what 'rap' meant, so I had to explain it to her. I love the little dialogue bubble in her illustration. In case you can't see it, the little girl is saying, "Yo, yo, I'm Claudia."

Whether the illustrations had lots of details or just enough, the students did a great job with it.

Check out the product on Sarah Cooley's TPT store - Pairs of Pears.

How do you teach homophones? Do you have any tips or any products that you use? I've probably asked this too many times already, but if it applies to you - what do you do to bring life to scripted programs if you are required to use them?

My fingers are crossed for a second blog post later this week. I can do this!

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