Let's Try That Again! (and Feedback)

Let's just say that I'm cringing as I look at the date of my last blog post! Almost two whole school years have gone by. It's definitely somewhat embarrassing. Oh well, this time I'm promising myself that I will make time for this.

This year has been incredibly different than past years. Our district has moved to Pearson's Reading Street curriculum. Gone are the days that we have been able to pull things together to meet the needs of our students. Now, it's all laid out for us. It's been quite the transition getting used to it because I do love pulling things together. After spending a long time learning the curriculum, I'm now feeling more comfortable putting a little bit of myself back into my teaching.

During our last SIP day, we had a session on providing feedback. The presenter suggested having special stamps made as an outline for our feedback so that we don't need to hand-write every single element on each of our students' papers. I liked the idea, but I change things up way too much to commit to a stamp!

I compromised by printing my feedback on Post-It notes!

I love that the color adds a little bit of fun to it! All I had to do was find a Post-It printing template online, print it out, type out my comments, add the Post-Its to the template, and print again. It took a bit of time this first time, but I think it will end up taking less time and being less painful than hand-writing each comment. Click here to download the template that I used from Second Grade Shoppe.

I'm still working on the actual feedback, so if anyone has any tips, let me know! I added a comment about something each student did well. I need to focus those a little more, but I think they are sufficient for now. We also give the kids time to fix a mistake that they may have made, which is why I have the bottom portion of the comment. I like using the word 'challenge' because the students are so competitive - both with each other and with themselves!

How do you give your students written feedback? My verbal feedback is much more trained than my written feedback so any ideas are great!

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